About Us

Safa Counselling Centre is a project by the Sri Lanka Muslim Women’s Conference which is an umbrella organization of many Muslim Women’s Associations. It is a service oriented organization, which strives to assist the community in the way of counselling, awareness programs and pre-marriage workshops.

Safa launched many projects- namely marriage workshops which were to prepare young men and women for marriage. Due to the severe increase of divorce rates in the country, the Safa team, as counsellors felt the need to try to address this issue and help the community. The aim of these workshops is to not merely to minimize the rate of divorce, but to build, and improve and maintain healthy relationships between husbands and wives.

The counsellors at Safa Counselling Centre also help individuals and families to overcome obstacles, heal from emotional distress and achieve personal growth and satisfaction in their lives. We offer self-enhancing workshops, such as: anger management workshops, stress release workshops and Safa also offers marriage counselling, family counselling, parenting, and addiction counselling and stress and anger management services.

Our Vision

" We strive to bring awareness among the community that mental illness can be cured like any other physical illnesses through counselling and medical help.

To be able to arrange pre-marital workshops Islandwide to help reduce the increasing divorce rates."

Our Mission

" To reduce the high rates of divorce by providing pre-marital workshops and to reduce family breakdowns, amongst couples and their children, with the help of our counselling services."

President’s Message

The Safa Counselling Centre was set up as a project of the Sri Lanka Muslims Women’s conference in November, 2016. The Centre has made rapid progress and presently provides counselling services of a multi-faceted nature. The Centre is located in a spacious building in Kalubowila and offers counselling on a daily basis to troubled and distressed persons facing traumatic issues, family problems, and inclusive guidance on parenting particular to adolescents. The Centre has trained counsellors who are able to empathize with those who need assistance. The Safa Centre also trains counsellors, organizes pre-marriage workshops and seminars with a view to enhancing counselling skills and strengthening marital ties. We look forward to continuously improving skills and providing effective counselling services on an Island-wide basis.