Our History

Safa Counselling Centre was established under the wing of SLMWC on November 2015, our Senior Counsellor, Sikhamani Ameena Faisz Musthapha, was a lecturer at the Family Studies and Services Institute which is the pioneer organization in marriage counselling. She realized the importance of pre-marital counselling through her vast experience and decided to focus on the Muslim community due to the alarmingly high rates of divorce cases recorded among the community. This motivated her to establish The Safa Counselling Centre.

We have been fortunate enough, from the inception of this project, to have received tremendous support from selfless volunteers, qualified counsellors, successful professionals and motivational speakers. We as a team have put in hours of hard work over the last several years to draw up the module this project.

In addition to the premarital workshops organized by Safa, we aim to provide counselling services. Our doors are open to both males and females and we handle their situations with utmost confidentially, empathy and understanding.


3rd of November 2015

Safa Counselling Centre founded

17th of July 2016

First English Pre-marital workshop

11th of September 2016

First Anger management workshop

24th of September 2017

Frist Tamil Pre-Marital Workshop

14th of January 2018

First Tamil training Of Trainees