Marriage Workshops

“They (wives) are like garments for you, and you are like garments for them” (Al-Baqara 187)

Paul Popenoe, a well-known counsellor, in his famous book ‘Marriage is what you make it’, says “most of the failure in marriage is unnecessary, they could be prevented by proper education before marriage. Even lacking such education, thy can be prevented by reasonable amount of effort, intelligently directed even after marriage”.

During the last ten years, the divorce rate of Muslim couples in Sri Lanka has reached astronomical figures. Some of the divorce cases are due to significant and unavoidable reasons, whereas most seemed preventable if addressed in the early stages.

We as qualified Counsellors have come together to address some of the main issues in marriage, with the idea of trying to assist couples to prepare themselves to have an understanding relationship in order to increase the quality of marital life.

When our beloved Prophet Muhammed (Sal) has said that “Marriage is half our faith”, it is important that as Muslims we prepare ourselves and enter this journey with much understanding.

Keeping this in mind, Safa Counselling Centre has put together an interactive Marriage Workshop with a diverse panel of experienced Muslim Counselors and professionals from various fields. Covering areas such as;

  • Communication
  • Self-Awareness
  • Individual Differences
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Work-life Balance
  • Social and Practical Aspect of Marriage
  • Intimacy

We conduct our workshops in English and Tamil at present in Colombo. In-Shaa-Allah we hope to conduct pre-marital programs Island wide.

In addition to marriage workshops, we organize workshops that improve common negative behavior issues such as anger through Anger Management workshops and other similar enhancement programs.

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